Mabhebeza Magic and Mabhebeza Spells

Mabhebeza Magic and Mabhebeza Spells

Mabhebeza Magic and Mabhebeza Spells

Ever head of Mabhebeza (Mabebeza)?

There are many stories regarding this creature and some are scary. Me too I was once scared of it.I was scared of people who were rumoured to own it.

Mabhebeza (Mabebeza) tea or concoction: is a mixture of tea, sugar and mabhebeza is left for 15 days to ferment then produce mabhebeza concoction that smell like vinegar and taste like sour grape/Apple juice or Chinese love sweets.

After 15 days a mabhebeza culture (mother mabhebeza) produce a baby. The size of the mother is now double because of this baby attached to it. Hence it is named "mabhebeza/mabebeza", this is the maturity and harvest time for the owner.

It was used by both men and women to keep their marriage but lately it is used by anyone from young boys to drive women madly in love and surrender their money to them, pastors to drive followers to their church, cougars to drive young boys madly in love, hookers and gigolos to keep client coming for more, ordinary women, celebrities, any other person to keep their relationship going stronger, and ext.

How does it work:

  • You can drink it to increase the feelings.
  • You can mix it with attraction muthi to attract opposite sex.
  • It makes one be forever horny..when you drink it at least once a day. Walking around in a horny state makes members of the opposite sex be interested. There is a hormone that you produce and it drives them towards you. Just make sure you don't act on your feelings if you want good results..being horny doesn't necessarily mean you must have sex. Use it to your advantage and drive clients of opposite sex to your business. It works like magic. Being forever horny if you don't act on it, help increase spiritual powers. Being forever horny if you don't act on it, help increase spiritual powers. This is why people who drink this concoction or use it in their cleansing rituals have such a strong sex appeal.
  • Other benefits of using mabhebeza:

  • It detoxify your will notice that you go to the loo regularly.
  • Enhances metabolism
  • Starve off yeast and Candida infections
  • Boost fertility and heal infertility
  • Calms moods
  • energy levels during your active time and calm your brain during sleep time.
  • Heal ulcers and leaky gut
  • Lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Lightens skin and discolourations
  • Reduce weight
  • Prevent cancer
  • Control free radicals, therefore, it is anti-ageing
  • Will I die from drinking the culture?

    Make sure you drain/strain the tea with a cloth at least three times before you drink. Strain a lot of it and refrigerate it.atleast you won't be doing that every day for you saved enough for days in a fridge.

    If you swallow the culture by ignorance you must phalaza and spyt.It won't stick in your gut. It is a mere culture like any other. This one grows bigger when fed sugar and won't die or have a big tummy by ingesting it by mistake as long as you cleanse your tummy. I hope you won't experiment with swallowing it!!. You have too much sugar in your tummy so don't play with this thing. Drink the tea, not the baby or mother.